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wants a family member, travel companion and best friend.

That the dog is well looked after in its new family is the most important thing to us, and this is the reason why we have some requirements for you as a puppy buyer. If you want to do dog shows or other dog sports, this is just a plus. 

When puppies with us are born and we have decided on relevant buyers (based on submitted forms etc.) we will get in touch. Then there would be a few phone calls to get to know each other, as well as a visit before handing over the puppy. 

We want all of this to make the job of choosing the right puppy for you easier, so that you get the puppy that suits your needs. 

Sometimes we can search for people for shared tenancy/foster/collaboration agreements for some of our puppies/dogs. As a feed host, this means that you have the dog on a daily basis, but that we are the owner of the dog until it has had the number of litters we have agreed in the contract. This means that you as a feed host pay daily expenses for the dog such as insurance, food, equipment and the like. As breeders, we pay the expenses necessary to use the dog in breeding, as well as when the dog is going to an exhibition. The scope of the agreement will be specified in the feed host contract, we use the Norwegian Kennel Club's contract as a starting point. 

More information about various cooperation agreements can be found further down on this page, and if you have any other questions, please contact us by e-mail;



  • ​I have as a requirement that puppies from us must HD check and have their eyes examined. This must be done from the time the dog is 12 months - 18 months. The purpose of this is to get information about the results of the breeding so that we can further work on preparing this. Also to survey, and be helpful in keeping our breed healthy and fresh for the future. It is also nice for you as the owner to know whether the dog is healthy or not.

  • We also encourage the dog to have its eyes examined on subsequent occasions. It is recommended to check the dog at 1, 4 and 7 years of age for dogs that are not going to breed (they must be checked annually). 

  • If you want to do agility, we also recommend that you check AD. This is done at the same time as you check HD. ​

  • The puppies are delivered at 10 weeks of age. They must be followed up with vaccines, deworming, health checks etc.

  • You/you must have familiarized yourself well with what it means to acquire a puppy, and especially the Finnish Lapphund breed. You must be able to offer a safe and lasting home with lots of love. It is important that you have both the time and finances to have a dog, so that it gets everything it needs.

  • Contact is desired in the years to come as well. We want updates on how the dog is developing, as well as meeting to see what the dog is like as an adult. We have a secret facebook and snapchat group for puppy buyers, to share photos, questions, anything to do with the dog.

  • Insure the puppy against veterinary expenses and death. Injuries can occur, and then it is very expensive without insurance. We use Agria. 

  • It is desirable that the dog is shown at an exhibition, or that I as a breeder have the opportunity to borrow the dog with me. Puppy shows are great socialization training for the puppy.



There will be peace around mother and puppies for the first three weeks. Then they will grow up in the living room, getting used to all the sounds that everyday life brings. We will take the puppies on car trips, visits with other dogs and people, in various outdoor environments, etc. and they will thus be well equipped for meeting the big world.

They will of course also be handled and their claws clipped. 


We think it's a bit fancy to arrange and send something with the puppy when it leaves us. The puppy package will vary slightly from litter to litter.

From those we have membership with as breeders; listed below, it comes with, among other things, a blanket, information, puppy food and goodies.

The puppies will always be treated with field cure, examined by a vet, ID marked and vaccinated before delivery.

It will come with an information folder, pedigree from NKK, purchase contract and health certificate.


We have membership as a breeder, and are sent free breeder packages from Agria, Morene, K9 Hundesenter (for those in Trøndelag), Musti and Appetitt.


All our dogs are fully insured in Agria Animal Insurance.

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- Preparation - 

The time before you get a puppy is always exciting. You are often excited and unsure of what you need. If you have never had a dog before, you have to start from zero to buy what you need. 

It is good that the dog has its own permanent place with its own bed/cage, where it can relax without disturbance. Then the puppy knows that it can rest and be in peace. There will be many new impressions at first. It's a good idea to get a cage/pen before you get the puppy home. The reason for that is because puppies should not have the opportunity to be alone if you are not at home and watching. Puppies can chew on things such as cables, wires, mouldings, furniture etc. They are not the housekeepers and will therefore leave where appropriate. It is also smart to start cage training early, so that the puppy gets used to being there. If the puppy likes the cage, it will eventually automatically go to lie down there itself and feel safe. 

- Ventilation and cleanliness -

A puppy of 8-10 weeks has to urinate on average 8-10 times per day. Every time it has slept, played and eaten, it has to go out straight away. The better you are at going out with the puppy, the faster it will become a house reindeer. Stay out until it's gone. Give praise, reward to go back in immediately. The puppy will then automatically eventually understand that acting out leads to praise and reward. 

By not feeding the puppy after 19, you will most likely not have to get up to air it during the night. It also does not need to have free access to water after 22, as many dogs drink even if they are not thirsty. 

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