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NORDJV-23 Hoito's Ekko

Ekko bor til fôrvert Stine, hennes samboer og Cava i Trondheim.


Nickname: Ekko

Reg. no: NO58551/22

Born: 28/08/2022

Father: Vallarjäntans Imre - SE17212/2020

Mother: Hoito's Billie - NO46445/20

HD: Too young (HD index:)

Eyes: Too young

PRA: Free through breeding

Pompes: Not tested. 


Owner: Kennel Hoito, Trondheim

Lives with food host Stine, roommate and  Cava, in Trondheim.


Feminine, lovely expression.

Powerful muzzle, excellent lower jaw.

Very good stop and ear placement. Strong neck and topline. 

Well developed chest. 

Well angled front and back. Strong hocks. Stable middle hand. 

Moves stably and harmoniously. 

Super pleasant temperament.


Honorary prizes and 1 x BIR at puppy show

Graded with excellent and ck in junior class.

Junior CERT x1, CERT x1, BOB x1

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