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Brocaire's Cool Mali

Mali deleies med min mor og stefar. Hun har fast boplass hos de.


Nickname: Mali

Reg no: NO63274/20

Born: 07.12.2020

Father: Dompel Dimpel Cursed Child - NO52803/16

Mother: Brocaire's Magic Nomine - NO48116/17

HD: A/A  (HD index: 115)

Eyes: Nothing detected as of December 2021.

PRA: Tested carrier

Pompes: Free through breeding

Litter: Kennel's H litter

Owner: Kennel Hoito, Trondheim and Iren, Trondheim.

Melli lives with my mother and stepfather.


Feminine totality.

Well built.

Good expression, well cut head.

Very good neck.

Good length in the body.

Very good back line.

Good chest.

Correctly wrapped.

Very good bone stock and paws.

Beautiful coat and color.

Friendly disposition.

Well carried tail.


Exhibited with very good and excellent. 1x CERT, 1xBIR

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