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N UCH Hoito's Coda

Coda bor til deleiere Torunn og Rolf, som har kennel ToRos Lykkelabb på Frøya, Trøndelag.


Nickname: Coda

Reg. no: NO60448/21

Born: 29/07/21

Sire: Kalo Skilo's A Kind Of Magic - NO44774/20

Mother: Brocaire's Magic Nomine - NO48116/17

HD: A/A (HD index: 121)

Eyes: Nothing detected as of September - 22.

PRA: Free through breeding

Pompes: Free through breeding

Litter: 6 puppies with Mille at kennelSosveen.

He is also allowed to mate atNapakettu, so for the time being he is not available in breeding for others as we  want to see what he gives, before he is used more. 

Shared with kennel ToRosLykkelabb, Frøya, where he also has permanent residence.​


Suitable large male dog.

Excellent head, well shaped and well placed. Masculine expression. 

Very good muzzle and neck.

Excellent ear placement.

Powerful body and trunk. 

Very good tail set and lead.

Well angled.

Excellent coat.

Pleasant temperament.


Coda has been exhibited at two puppy shows. Placed number 1 with an honorable mention and became BIM at 4 months. Placed no. 2 with honorable mention at 8 months of age. Exhibited with excellent and placed as number 3 in the junior class. He took his first certificate at NKK Trondheim at 23 months old, as a young dog. The following weekend he took his second certificate, we also had to wait until he turned 2 at the end of July. First show after his 2nd birthday, was at Oppdalsutstillinga on 12 August - there he took his third certificate and became the new NORWEGIAN SHOWING CHAMPION! 

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